As the general election nears, political parties’ manifestos for education have been released (find out more about these here: BBC Manifesto Guide 2017). It’s still clear that school funding is staying low, since nearly a third of UK schools’ budgets were cut by the Government (Syal 2017). As schools try to tighten spending we can’t help but feel uncertain about what this means for education technology.

Schools may now look at other forms of investment to buy the teaching resources they need.

What better way to do this than on sites like Rocket Fund!

Rocket Fund is a fundraising platform (think Crowdfunding but for UK schools) that reduces educational inequalities by helping teachers raise money for teaching technologies. We think it’s a great way to give every school, teacher and child access to education technology, no matter what their budget is!

For more information have a look at Rocket Fund’s blog here:


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