I was lucky enough to attend the Pearson Teaching Awards Ceremony on Sunday night with my wife (she’s one of the judges).

I couldn’t believe what an inspirational evening it was!

The combination of the energy created by a room full of hundreds of the most inspirational & talented teachers and the stunning venue (East Wintergarden Docklands) made the atmosphere crackle with excitement. The presenters were great –  Naga Munchetty was so approachable & professional,  Sean Fletcher did a great job of mixing with the crowd and getting everyone involved. I’d be interested to find out what people thought of ex-teacher and Bake Off winner Candice Brown too.

I won’t give away any of the winners in case you haven’t seen the show yet but their stories were all so inspiring & moving in so many different ways.

There were two highlights of show for me; firstly seeing Jenny Agutter perform a Shakespeare Rap. She might be getting on a bit but she’s still got it! Then there was the amazingly talented Kanneh-Masons – how awesome are those children!

A big thank you to everyone involved I came away proud to be part of this amazing teaching profession.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep sight of what’s important when we have to cope with all the day to day problems in school – but every now and then something happens that reminds you why you became a teacher – this was one of those nights.