Last minute preparations for the BETT Show – for many it’s a nightmare but I just love it!

Late November every year is always spent dashing between, printers, graphic designers, sales partners making sure that everything is ready for the BETT Show in January. Tradition dictates that you’ve got to have everything sorted before Christmas. In recent years we’ve been fairly organised but I remember in the early days it wasn’t quite this way.

I recall vividly BETT 2001 at Olympia when we had a sweat on waiting for the courier to deliver our new Literacy Complete CDs that were literally hot off the press. Our friends at 2Simple didn’t rely on couriers, I remember that they used to burn their own CDs on the stand!

As a start up visiting BETT for the first time in 2000 Mal & I  had spent all the money we had on getting to the show. We couldn’t afford staff so we invited our football team to come and help us on the stand. They were an enthusiastic if not that professional sales team.

In those early days early days we learned so much about the business of education; every sale, every teacher and every school counts. Treat them all with integrity & kindness and they will come back to you.

This year we are sharing a stand with Focus Education. Together we are launching our new Inspection Coach product. We’ve spent a fortune building it and we are launching at a time when there’s no money in the market!

It’s the right thing to do though, you can’t expect to be a successful innovator if you are fearful of losing money.  We have always done business with no fear.

Head teachers are going to love the Inspection Coach and it will be a success like all our other products and I can’t wait for the BETT Show!

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