2Eskimos are a company that take their staff Wellbeing very seriously and we love how much there is out there to help with the Wellbeing of teachers too!

The media tell us that an overwhelming majority of the UK’s education professionals say they have suffered physical and mental health issues as a result of their jobs…

We loved the Guardian’s idea of forming a Wellbeing Team! One school said that prioritising staff happiness at work has led to a marked improvement in their school’s Ofsted rating! The team started with small fun things, like putting up a Wellbeing board with staff night out ideas and shout outs to praise certain teachers. They put up motivational posters in the staff bathrooms and started leaving mugs filled with sweets and treats as a surprise for staff!

We love the 47 Wellbeing Tips for Teachers that are mentioned on Teacher Toolkit. https://www.teachertoolkit.co.uk/2018/05/29/47-wellbeing-tips/

Barr Beacon School put Wellbeing declarations in place to help make their school a happier place. They encourage other schools to put a Wellbeing policy in place too. When setting up their policy they asked their teachers three questions:

  • “What do we do as a school that saves you wasting time?”
  • “Is there anything you still do which you think is just ticking a box?”
  • “How do you make sure you give your pupils a good deal but also reserve time for you?”

We are true believers that Happy Teachers make for Happy Learners!

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