Did you know that OFSTED has had its budget cut by more 50%?

GOOD I hear you cry!

In a recent Radio 4 interview Ofsted’s chief inspector, Amanda Spielman, said it was maintaining “excellent levels of assurance” despite its budget being more than halved.

Do you agree? I have been close to schools that have been through the one day inspection and it is clear that headteachers are far from happy with the new format even though it is not as invasive as the past.

The parliamentary Public Accounts Committee has said that OFSTED is not enough of a “Force for School Improvement”.

This is the exact reason why we built Inspection Coach. Headteachers need easy to use Self Evaluation and Improvement planning platforms that can be accessed by all the stakeholders involved in making their school a better place – including OFSTED! This would reduce the frequency of inspections required in each school but still give OFSTED a live feed into what the school was doing to try and improve.

Come on Amanda – talk to us! #amandaspeilman