Did you read the article by Elly Blake in the TES? She discusses how some teachers see the collection of child performance data as adding unnecessarily to their workload. She argues that it’s not the data that’s the problem it’s how we use it, and more importantly who uses it.

How good is the “leadership of data” in your school? If staff do not see how assessment data is used in meaningful ways they will not see the point in collecting it,

“After all, they spend the time with the children and probably already know what the analysis will provide for the pupils in their class”

In my experience teachers think data collection is pointless and adds to workload when the process of collecting the data is cumbersome and inefficient. At the 2Eskimos we try and build software that helps schools to use data to help children and to shine a light on great teaching. If data is collected and led correctly it should motivate staff, not add to their workload.