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Self Evaluation & School Improvement planning in minutes not hours!

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Don’t forget progress

Always make sure that your judgement on teaching and learning can be substantiated by the progress pupils make.

Your Inspection Coach Dashboard

The “Head’s Dashboard” in Inspection Coach gives you an immediate overview of how your school rates against the OFSTED Inspection Framework. The colour coded areas show you where to focus your attention. You are only ever one click away from any section of the inspection framework giving you unparalleled access to top quality video advice, support, hints/tips at the moment that you need it.

Don’t be too generous

Be careful not to be too generous with your EYFS judgement, especially if this is not maintained through KS1. If you do, inspectors may focus on why KS1 is failing.

Your Interactive Judgement Dials

Decide how your school compares to the Inspection Framework by selecting from the inspector designed statements that matches your level of preparedness. Our inspection team has designed statements for each area of the framework. Simply select the statement that best reflects your school. Then answer a set of specially written questions that will ratify your decision or challenge you to select a different level.

Avoid overhype

Be careful not to overhype your Personal Development judgement (i.e. where PD is a grade higher than other areas). If you do, inspectors will question why such attentive pupils are not achieving the same grade in other areas.

Your Evidence Store

Have all your evidence at your fingertips! Upload documents/videos/photos and link these your judgements and celebrate what is happening in your school.

All your evidence is stored securely on our servers accessible to you at any time.

No more usb sticks or lost documents!

Substantiate judgements

Make sure your Outcomes judgement can be substantiated with external and internal data.

Your Automatic Summary Document

A personalised Self Evaluation Summary document is automatically produced as you complete the self evaluation saving you time and stress.

Any evidence that you upload is automatically inserted into this document too!

You can then edit this to fit your school perfectly. Export to PDF or Word to share with the rest of your team.

‘Write’ across the curriculum

Make sure that your judgement on writing includes writing across the curriculum and that you have enough examples of writing in science, history and geography.

No more OFSTED worries for the equivalent cost of a few days’ supply cover…

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