2Eskimos has quite a track record in assessment.

Over 1.5 million children globally have been assessed using 2Eskimos products over the past 3 decades.

This started in 1998 with the award winning “Literacy Complete”; the revolutionary planning and assessment product cited as the saviour of the controversial Literacy Hour. It was so successful that the product and company was eventually acquired by ITV Plc in 2002.

11 products and 5 national awards later

Since 2007, 2Eskimos has released 11 successful planning
and assessment products with various industry partners.

2Eskimos most recent assessment offering “Evidence.Me” continues to lead the way in assessment innovation for primary schools.

2Eskimos Intelligent Assessment

2Eskimos’ breadth of assessment experience over decades is summed up in the incredible algorithmic approach to assessment in their latest Evidence.Me product.

  • Schools are the masters of their own intelligent assessment algorithm. This can allow as much or as little manual input from staff as required.
  • An innovative scanning system can identify the activities and children in them.
  • Children’s learning experiences are gathered by staff and parents and submitted via a range of apps and web sites.
  • The experiences are automatically tagged from a database of tens of thousands of objectives.
  • The school SMT can define a detailed assessment algorithm, that weights the importance of various factors.
  • The intelligent engine generates completed marksheets automatically, providing teachers with opportunities to intervene and add value.

There is nothing else close to the experience
of Evidence.Me assessment.

Evidence.Me can be purchased via our partner 2Simple. A free trial is available.