Self Evaluation and Improvement Planning

Inspection Coach Dashboard

The “Head’s Dashboard” gives the senior team an insight into how the school is performing against the Inspection Framework. The colour coded areas show you where to focus your attention. Having all this information on one simple screen is incredibly valuable as all the team can immediately understand the strengths and weaknesses of the school.You are only ever one click away from any section of the inspection framework giving you unparalleled access to top quality video advice, moderation guidance, Inspection hints and tips at the moment that you need them.

Interactive Judgement Dials

Decide how your school compares to the Inspection Framework by selecting from the inspector designed statements that matches your level of preparedness. Our inspection team has designed statements for each area of the framework. Simply select the statement that best reflects your school. Then answer a set of specially written questions that will ratify your decision or challenge you to select a different level.

School Improvement Plan

Inspector written actions are automatically suggested for your Improvement Plan based on the answers given in your self evaluation. You can edit and assign these to staff or governors to work on. Quickly set up a dashboard to manage school Key Priorities, Action Plans or Subject Leader Plans. You can even import your existing plan into the system!

Evidence Store

Have all your evidence at your fingertips! Upload documents/videos/photos and link these your judgements and celebrate what is happening in your school. All your evidence is stored securely on our servers accessible to you at any time. No more usb sticks or lost documents!