Reading Assessment

An effective, low cost way to assess reading and comprehension.

The 2Eskimos Reading Assessment Scheme is an app, website and set of 90+ texts written by a renowned children’s author. Every text is written specifically to help you assess and track children’s reading and comprehension ability.

Don’t pay a fortune for expensive books! We provide all the texts as freely downloadable PDFs from our website we also give all our users a really useful, photocopiable Teacher Guide.

Teacher Guide

Awesome assessment texts…

1 – Free Core Texts

There are 35 free Core Texts  (5 for each year group from ReceptionYear 6). These texts are graded by difficulty (1 below year group expectation, 3 at year group expectation, 1 above year group expectation).

2 – KS1 Topic Pack

These are a set of premium texts written specifically to compliment topic work in the Foundations Stage and KS1.

There are 9 topics, with 6 brilliant books in each topic. Each Topic has 3 Year 1 texts (below expected, expected, above expected) and 3 Year 2 texts (below expected, expected, above expected).

3 – KS2 Struggling Readers Pack 

These are a set of premium texts written specifically to help struggling readers in Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5.

4 – KS2 Inference & Deduction Pack

These are a set of premium texts written specifically to assess Inference and Deduction skills in Upper Key Stage 2.

Our in-house authors specialise in making educational books fun and exciting.

Jo Nelson

Jo’s written a range of titles for Oxford University Press, Harper Collins and Templar, including biographies, traditional tales and books for banded reading.  As well as writing books and educational apps, she leads creative writing workshops in primary schools across the country.

Antony Wootten

Antony has written several children’s novels and a collection of limericks. He’s also written levelled readers for the education market, including Oxford University Press and 2Simple. He loves to visit primary schools where he delivers lively and inspiring workshops for young writers.

Order now and we’ll even set up your children and classes for you!

Price includes:

  • 1 year licence, assessment app unlimited devices,
  • free telephone support, 35 Core texts, Teacher Guide,
  • unlimited access to the online Assessment Centre for generating reports.

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