Scoolio Case Study

Scoolio Case Study

Deb Hodgin, Deputy Head at Holy Trinity CE Primary School, Oldham, reflects on how Scoolio has helped during lockdown.

Scoolio provides a platform for the children to upload their work and for teachers to respond to it- giving feedback and providing encouragement and support where necessary. This nurturing aspect to the programme is extremely important to us as a school, and has helped with the mental health and well-being of our pupils throughout some of the most restrictive times during lockdown.

I can highly recommend Scoolio as a platform to manage home learning from. It has an excellent user friendly interface that is easy to use and allows the teachers to upload work, files, videos, worksheets quickly with confidence.

It has eased the burden of the transition between home learning and in school learning considerably, and has allowed us, as a school, to respond quickly and decisively to any children having to work from home for isolation measures. It has provided us with the security of being able to plan ahead to try and anticipate possible demands of work needed by isolating children. This again allows us to be able to provide a rapid response whilst keeping the standards of the work set and the online teaching in line with the teaching taking place every day in school.

Deb Hodgin, Deputy Head